Mesoamerica Map Quiz

Map Assignment- Mexico
ATH 230: Inca, Aztec and Maya
Muhlenberg College

Knowing the locations of places discussed in the works we are reading for class and in class is particularly important. If you do not know where locations are, you will have a very difficult time making connections through space. Please indicate the number from the map associated with the geographical feature indicated below. You will likely need to use the internet to find these locations- be sure to use reliable resources.

Both the map below and this text will be handed out in class.

________ Mesoamerica
________ Gulf of Mexico
________ Pacific Ocean
________ Sierra Madre Occidental
________ Sierra Madre Oriental
________ Sierra Madre del Sur
________ Valley of Mexico
________ Lago Texcoco
________ Oaxaca
________ Gulf Coast (Plain)
________ Isthmus of Tehuantepec
________ Rio Usumacinta
________ Rio Santiago/Lerma
________ Rio Balsas
________ Chiapas
________ Soconusco
________ Maya area (to be discussed in next section)

map of mexico non quiz version