SHA GIS Morning 1

Workshop: GIS for Historical Archaeologists
Society for Historical Archaeology 2019
MorningĀ 1 Videos and Activities

Video: A Quick Tour of QGIS

Video: Installing QuickMapServices

Activity: Add QuickMapServices Plugin, explore streaming background maps.

Video: Adding Web Mapping Services to QGIS

Video: Adding Raster Layers to QGIS

Activity: Add Raster Layers (Allentown 1876 Davis atlas ne.tif and Allentown 1876 Davis atlas se.tif) to your canvas.

Video: Adding Vector Data to QGIS; comma separated values.

Activity: Add Vector layer (Allentown_1880_NAPP.csv) to your canvas

Video: Adding shapefiles to QGIS

Activity: Add shapefiles (the ones that you just converted from csv) to your canvas.

Video: Converting to GeoJSON

Activity: Convert CSV to GeoJSON

Video: Changing layer names

Activity: Change layer names to reflect file formats.

Video: Changing CRS for a layer in QGIS

Activity: Convert one of your vector files to a new CRS