“Your Map” Assignment

“Your Map” assignment
Inca, Aztec and Maya

The goal of this assignment is to identify and record the location of important places from your readings and discussion that highlight different aspects of Latin American Archaeology.

Within this overall goal, there are primary objectives of this assignment
– To help you orient yourself to the spaces and places of Latin America
– To help you think in terms of space and distance between different locations

Requirements: Create a map in Google Maps. You must include important sites discussed in the book and in class. These may be archaeological sites (e.g. Teotihuacan) important parts of sites (e.g. Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan) or other locations important in prehistory (e.g. Pachuca obsidian mines). Please include at least 20 sites. These must be located accurately with a short summary of the location.

Due Date: Same time as your paper for each section of the class, see Canvas calendar.

Note: You will only have ONE map for all three sections (Inca, Aztec and Maya)

1. Accuracy of location. For locations, please feel free to use Google Maps, but know that it may not take you to the site (which is what you need to mark). It may, for example, land on the town with the same name as the site. Please use the satellite view so that you can actually see the sites.
2. Number of locations; minimum of 20, but additional ones only help your grade.
3. You will also be graded on the quality of your short summary. Please be sure to provide culture, time period and what the site is best known for.

Here’s how to create a map and place makers:
An initial note- If you are already a Google user and are automatically signed in some of these steps may not be necessary and/or they may be in a slightly different order.
1. Choose which sites to locate on your map.
a. They should be sites that are significant in the overall narrative of culture change throughout the area (Aztec, Maya or Inca). Be sure to include any sites on the map that you deploy in your final paper.
2. Go to Google My Maps (https://www.google.com/mymaps) Note that this is not the same as Google Maps.
3. Click “Sign In” in the upper right hand corner.
a. If you already have a Google account (e.g., Gmail), please sign in.
b. If you do not have a Google Account, please sign up for one (even if you only ever use it for this activity)
4. Click “Create a New Map”
5. Once the map opens, click on “Untitled Map” and replace with a new name, such as “Map for Inca, Aztec and Maya”
6. Click on “Untitled Layer” and change to “Aztecs”
a. For the Maya and Inca maps, you will add two layers and rename them “Maya” and “Inca,” respectively.
7. Decide where to place the marker
a. You should use the internet to figure out as closely as possible where the actual site is. Sometimes this is easy, other times it is more difficult.
b. Note that you can also change the basemap (that is, the map that appears beneath your markers). I recommend the satellite map.
8. Click on the “Add Marker” symbol (upside down tear drop).
9. Name the location and add a short summary that includes: culture, time period, and what the site is best known for.
10. Note that, once you have created more than one layer, you must have that layer selected in order that the point be on the correct layer.

To turn this in, please enter the URL for the map in the text area for the assignment in Canvas.
You can get the URL for the map by clicking the Share button (person icon with a plus-sign) in the left hand menu.