Field Archaeology Research Journal

One of the most important aspects of any research project is the research journal. This serves as a central location for storing all you your thoughts, perspectives, etc. regarding your readings, discussion, field trips, and any other feedback that you may have. You will submit an entry in your Research Journal for every class session.

While these are central to the process they are also difficult to grade. You will receive feedback on these- if you address that feedback, you will receive full credit for the assignment.

Additional details-

For Readings, please consider the following questions:

  • Generally, what was most interesting or surprising about this class?
  • How did the reading change your understanding of history?
  • How did it help you see landscapes differently?
  • How did it help you better understand how archaeology (with its focus on material remains) can aid in the study of the past?

For Field Days, please consider the following:

  • First, please record in as much detail as possible your activities for the day. This serves as a permanent record of our activities in the field. This will be kept and may be seen by others in the future.
  • Please also record environmental details- things such as weather, how you are feeling, whether you stayed out too late drinking, etc.
  • Also reference the questions above.
  • Anything else that was impressive, unusual, new, significant to you.